Morphological study of Albanian words, and processing with NooJ

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Morphological study of Albanian words, and processing with NooJ
We are developing electronic dictionaries and transducers for the automatic processing of the Albanian Language. We will analyze the words inside a linear segment of text. We will also study the relationship between units of sense and units of form. The composition of words takes different forms in Albanian. We have found that morphemes are frequently concatenated or simply juxtaposed or contracted. The inflected grammar of NooJ allows constructing the dictionaries of flexed forms (declensions or conjugations). The diversity of word structures requires tools to identify words created by simple concatenation, or to treat contractions. The morphological tools of NooJ allow us to create grammatical tools to represent and treat these phenomena. But certain problems exceed the morphological analysis and must be represented by syntactical grammars. Key words: morphological analysis, electronic dictionary, Albanian language, natural language processing, inflectional graph, morphological grap...
Odile Piton, Klara Lagji
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Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Odile Piton, Klara Lagji
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