Mosaics of Scenes with Moving Objects

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Mosaics of Scenes with Moving Objects
Image mosaics are useful for a variety of tasks in vision and computer graphics. A particularly convenient way to generate mosaics is by `stitching' together many ordinary photographs. Existing algorithms focus on capturing static scenes. This paper presents a complete system for creating visually pleasing mosaics in the presence of moving objects. There are three primary contributions. The first component of our system is a registration method that remains unbiased by movement-the Mellin transform is extended to register images related by a projective transform. Second, an efficient method for finding a globally consistent registration of all images is developed. By solving a linear system of equations, derived from many pairwise registration matrices, we find an optimal global registration. Lastly, a new method of compositing images is presented. Blurred areas due to moving objects are avoided by segmenting the mosaic into disjoint regions and sampling pixels in each region fro...
James Davis
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Type Conference
Year 1998
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Authors James Davis
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