Motion editing with data glove

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Motion editing with data glove
In this paper, we propose a new method to edit captured human motion data by using the data glove. The animator first wears a glove and mimics the human body motion observed in the graphical display using his/her hand. Then, a mapping function that converts the motion of the hand to that of the whole body will be generated. Finally, by moving the hand in a slightly different way, a new motion with different taste will be generated. For example, after mimicking the walking motion by alternatively moving the index finger and the middle finger, by quickly moving the fingers with larger strides, it is possible to obtain a running motion. To achieve this goal, a method to map the hand motion to the whole body is proposed. Our method can be used not only for editing human motion, but also for controlling human figures in real time environments such as games and virtual reality systems. Categories and Subject Descriptors
Wai-Chun Lam, Feng Zou, Taku Komura
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Wai-Chun Lam, Feng Zou, Taku Komura
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