MPHASYS: a mouse phenotype analysis system

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MPHASYS: a mouse phenotype analysis system
Background: Systematic, high-throughput studies of mouse phenotypes have been hampered by the inability to analyze individual animal data from a multitude of sources in an integrated manner. Studies generally make comparisons at the level of genotype or treatment thereby excluding associations that may be subtle or involve compound phenotypes. Additionally, the lack of integrated, standardized ontologies and methodologies for data exchange has inhibited scientific collaboration and discovery. Results: Here we introduce a Mouse Phenotype Analysis System (MPHASYS), a platform for integrating data generated by studies of mouse models of human biology and disease such as aging and cancer. This computational platform is designed to provide a standardized methodology for working with animal data; a framework for data entry, analysis and sharing; and ontologies and methodologies for ensuring accurate data capture. We describe the tools that currently comprise MPHASYS, primarily ones related ...
R. Brent Calder, Rudolf B. Beems, Harry van Steeg,
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors R. Brent Calder, Rudolf B. Beems, Harry van Steeg, I. Saira Mian, Paul H. M. Lohman, Jan Vijg
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