MRI/TRUS data fusion for brachytherapy

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MRI/TRUS data fusion for brachytherapy
Background: Prostate brachytherapy consists in placing radioactive seeds for tumour destruction under transrectal ultrasound imaging (TRUS) control. It requires prostate delineation from the images for dose planning. Because ultrasound imaging is patient and operator-dependant, we have proposed to fuse MRI data to TRUS data to make image processing more reliable. Technical accuracy of this approach has already been evaluated. Methods: We present work in progress concerning the evaluation of the approach from the dosimetry viewpoint. The objective is to determine which impact this system may have on the treatment of the patient. Dose planning is performed from initial TRUS prostate contours and evaluated on contours modified by data fusion. Results: For the 8 patients included, we demonstrate that TRUS prostate volume is most often underestimated and that dose is overestimated in a correlated way. However, dose constraints are still verified for those 8 patients. Conclusions: This conf...
Vincent Daanen, J. Gastaldo, Jean-Yves Giraud, Phi
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where CORR
Authors Vincent Daanen, J. Gastaldo, Jean-Yves Giraud, Philippe Fourneret, Jean-Luc Descotes, Michel Bolla, D. Collomb, Jocelyne Troccaz
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