MSRA Columbus at GeoCLEF 2006

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MSRA Columbus at GeoCLEF 2006
This paper describes the participation of Columbus Project of Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) in the GeoCLEF 2006 (a cross-language geographical retrieval track which is part of Cross Language Evaluation Forum). For location extraction from the corpus, we employ a gazetteer and rule based approach. We use the MSRA's IREngine as our text search engine. Both text indexing and geo-indexing (implicit location indexing and grid indexing) are considered in our system. We only participated in the Monolingual GeoCLEF evaluation (EN-EN) and submitted five runs based on different methods, including MSRAWhitelist, MSRAManual, MSRAExpansion, MSRALocal and MSRAText. In MSRAWhitelist, we expanded the unrecognized locations (such as former Yugoslavia) to several countries manually. In MSRAManual, based on the MSRAWhitelist, we manually modified several queries since these queries are too "natural language" and the keywords of the queries seldom appear in the corpus. In MSRAExpansion, f...
Zhisheng Li, Chong Wang 0002, Xing Xie, Xufa Wang,
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CLEF
Authors Zhisheng Li, Chong Wang 0002, Xing Xie, Xufa Wang, Wei-Ying Ma
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