Multi-Agent Collaboration: A Satellite Constellation Case

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Multi-Agent Collaboration: A Satellite Constellation Case
Abstract. Physical agents such as robots are generally constrained in their communication capabilities. In a multi-agent system composed of physical agents, these constraints have a strong influence on the organization and the coordination mechanisms. Our multi-agent system is a satellite constellation, for which we propose a collaboration method based on incremental coalition formation in order to optimize individual plans and satisfy collective objectives. This involves a communication protocol and two coordination mechanisms: (1) an incentive to join coalitions and (2) coalition minimization. Results on a simulated satellite constellation are presented and discussed. Keywords. Coalition formation, Multiagent systems, Teamwork and coordination, Satellite constellations
Grégory Bonnet, Catherine Tessier
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Grégory Bonnet, Catherine Tessier
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