A multi-agent framework for a hybrid dialog management system

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A multi-agent framework for a hybrid dialog management system
The importance of dialog management systems has increased in recent years. Dialog systems are created for domain specific applications, so that a high demand for a flexible dialog system framework arises. There are two basic approaches for dialog management systems: a rule-based approach and a statistic approach. In this paper, we combine both methods and form a hybrid dialog management system in a scalable agent based framework. For deciding of the next dialog step, two independent systems are used: the Java Rule Engine (JESS) as expert system for rule-based solutions, and the Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) as model-based solution for more complex dialog sequences. Using a speech recognizer and text-to-speech systems, the human can be guided through a dialog with approximately ten steps.
Stefan Schwärzler, Joachim Schenk, Günth
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Type Journal
Year 2009
Authors Stefan Schwärzler, Joachim Schenk, Günther Ruske, Frank Wallhoff
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