Multi-cue Pedestrian Detection and Tracking from a Moving Vehicle

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Multi-cue Pedestrian Detection and Tracking from a Moving Vehicle
This paper presents a multi-cue vision system for the real-time detection and tracking of pedestrians from a moving vehicle. The detection component involves a cascade of modules, each utilizing complementary visual criteria to successively narrow down the image search space, balancing robustness and efficiency considerations. Novel is the tight integration of the consecutive modules: (sparse) stereo-based ROI generation, shape-based detection, texture-based classification and (dense) stereo-based verification. For example, shape-based detection activates a weighted combination of texture-based classifiers, each attuned to a particular body pose. PerformanceofindividualmodulesandtheirinteractionisanalyzedbymeansofReceiverOperatorCharacteristics (ROCs). A sequential optimization technique allows the successive combination of individual ROCs, providing optimized system parameter settings in a systematic fashion, avoiding ad-hoc parameter tuning. Application-dependent processing const...
Dariu M. Gavrila, Stefan Munder
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where IJCV
Authors Dariu M. Gavrila, Stefan Munder
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