Multi-Functional Compression with Side Information

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Multi-Functional Compression with Side Information
Abstract—In this paper, we consider the problem of multifunctional compression with side information. The problem is how we can compress a source X so that the receiver is able to compute some deterministic functions f1(X, Y1), ..., fm(X, Ym), where Yi, 1 ≤ i ≤ m, are available at the receiver as side information. In [1], Wyner and Ziv considered this problem for the special case of m = 1 and f1(X, Y1) = X and derived a rate-distortion function. Yamamoto extended this result in [2] to the case of having one general function f1(X, Y1) . Both of these results were in terms of an auxiliary random variable. For the case of zero distortion, in [3], Orlitsky and Roche gave an interpretation of this variable in terms of properties of the characteristic graph which led to a particular coding scheme. This result was extended in [4] by providing an achievable scheme based on colorings of the characteristic graph. In a recent work, reference [5] has considered this problem for a general tre...
Soheil Feizi-Khankandi, Muriel Médard
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Soheil Feizi-Khankandi, Muriel Médard
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