Multi-robot cooperation-based mobile printer system

9 years 8 months ago
Multi-robot cooperation-based mobile printer system
This paper proposes a mobile printer system (MPS) based on multi-robot cooperation. The system consists of multiple mobile robots, a wireless LAN system, a graphic user interface (GUI), and a host computer. The GUI comprises a user input section, a task allocation optimization section, and a control and communication section. Its operation is as follows: a user draws a picture on an input window of the GUI, and then the host computer commands client printer-robots to reproduce the same on a paper in a finite time. To control multiple robots during this process, two kinds of multi-robot control architectures along with a collision-free arbitration configuration are proposed. One is a decentralized control architecture, which employs subsumption architecture based on behavior-based robotics. The robots continue to seek the nearest line and to draw it repeatedly until all lines are drawn. This architecture needs no pre-planning and is fault-tolerant. Another is a centralized control arch...
Kang-Hee Lee, Jong-Hwan Kim
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where RAS
Authors Kang-Hee Lee, Jong-Hwan Kim
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