Multi-view Stereo Beyond Lambert

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Multi-view Stereo Beyond Lambert
We consider the problem of estimating the shape and radiance of an object from a calibrated set of views under the assumption that the reflectance of the object is nonLambertian. Unlike traditional stereo, we do not solve the correspondence problem by comparing image-to-image. Instead, we exploit a rank constraint on the radiance tensor field of the surface in space, and use it to define a discrepancy measure between each image and the underlying model. Our approach automatically returns an estimate of the radiance of the scene, along with its shape, represented by a dense surface. The former can be used to generate novel views that capture the non-Lambertian appearance of the scene. Figure 1: (COLOR) Scenes with strong specularities or made of translucent materials with no distinct point features are a challenge to most stereo algorithms.
Hailin Jin, Stefano Soatto, Anthony J. Yezzi
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where CVPR
Authors Hailin Jin, Stefano Soatto, Anthony J. Yezzi
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