Multicast Video-on-Demand services

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Multicast Video-on-Demand services
The server's storage I/O and network I/O bandwidths are the main bottleneck of VoD service. Multicast offers an efficient means of distributing a video program to multiple clients, thus greatly improving the VoD performance. However, there are many problems to overcome before development of multicast VoD systems. This paper critically evaluates and discusses the recent progress in developing multicast VoD systems. We first present the concept and architecture of multicast VoD, and then introduce the techniques used in multicast VoD systems. We also analyze and evaluate problems related to multicast VoD service. Finally, we present open issues on multicast VoD as possible future research directions.
Huadong Ma, Kang G. Shin
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Updated 17 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where CCR
Authors Huadong Ma, Kang G. Shin
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