Multiclass pixel labeling with non-local matching constraints

10 years 2 months ago
Multiclass pixel labeling with non-local matching constraints
A popular approach to pixel labeling problems, such as multiclass image segmentation, is to construct a pairwise conditional Markov random field (CRF) over image pixels where the pairwise term encodes a preference for smoothness within local 4-connected or 8-connected pixel neighborhoods. Recently, researchers have considered higherorder models that encode soft non-local constraints (e.g., label consistency, connectedness, or co-occurrence statistics). These new models and the associated energy minimization algorithms have significantly pushed the state-ofthe-art for pixel labeling problems. In this paper, we consider a new non-local constraint that penalizes inconsistent pixel labels between disjoint image regions having similar appearance. We encode this constraint as a truncated higher-order matching potential function between pairs of image regions in a conditional Markov random field model and show how to perform efficient approximate MAP inference in the model. We experiment...
Stephen Gould
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