Multigrid anisotropic diffusion

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Multigrid anisotropic diffusion
Abstract—A multigrid anisotropic diffusion algorithm for image processing is presented. The multigrid implementation provides an efficient hierarchical relaxation method that facilitates the application of anisotropic diffusion to time-critical processes. Through a multigrid V-cycle, the anisotropic diffusion equations are successively transferred to coarser grids and used in a coarseto-fine error correction scheme. When a coarse grid with a trivial solution is reached, the coarse grid estimates of the residual error can be propagated to the original grid and used to refine the solution. The main benefits of the multigrid approach are rapid intraregion smoothing and reduction of artifacts due to the elimination of low-frequency error. In the paper, the theory of multigrid anisotropic diffusion is developed. Then, the intergrid transfer functions, relaxation techniques, diffusion coefficients, and boundary conditions are discussed. The analysis includes the examination of the sto...
Scott T. Acton
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Year 1998
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