A Multimedia System for Authoring Motion Pictures

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A Multimedia System for Authoring Motion Pictures
MAD (Movie Authoring and Design) is a novel design and authoring system that facilitates the process of creating dynamic visual presentations such as motion pictures and lecture-demonstrations. MAD supports the process by enhancing the author's ability to structure and modify a presentation and to visualize the ultimate result. It does this by allowing both top-down design and bottom-up creation with a hierarchical multimedia document representation; by supporting the flexible inclusion and combination of words, images, sounds, and video sequences; and by providing real-time playback of the best approximation to the ultimate presentation that can be produced at any stage of the design process. MAD represents a paradigm shift from traditional methods of authoring and producing motion pictures. Its development therefore requires in-depth observation of a variety of users working on a variety of filmmaking projects. After describing the key concepts underlying MAD and the current, s...
Ronald Baecker, Alan J. Rosenthal, Naomi Friedland
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Where MM
Authors Ronald Baecker, Alan J. Rosenthal, Naomi Friedlander, Eric Smith, Andrew Cohen
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