Multimodal Menu Interface for Mobile Web Browsing

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Multimodal Menu Interface for Mobile Web Browsing
: This paper presents a menu-based interface intended to support web navigation through multimodal interaction on small displays. As common starting points for web browsing and searching, portals organize links to news, entertainment, and other kinds of content. The problem is that portal navigation is tailored mainly to large displays and point-and-click interaction, but most mobile devices, such as cellphones, have small displays. Moreover, mobile devices provide only a limited means for interaction, such as keypad entry. The question is how to provide convenient portal access for mobile users. Our approach to facilitating portal navigation on small mobile devices relies on transcoding middleware, software running in the network that adapts markup and content to device capabilities. Our middleware tailors portal markup to present visual hierarchical menus, enable keypad-based and spoken input, and allow for spoken audio output. Results from a user study that compared our multimodal m...
Xiaochuan Ma, Paul P. Maglio, Hui Su
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Updated 31 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Xiaochuan Ma, Paul P. Maglio, Hui Su
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