Multiple Capacity Vehicle Routing on Paths

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Multiple Capacity Vehicle Routing on Paths
Consider the problem of transporting a set of objects between the vertices of a simple graph by a vehicle that traverses the edges of the graph. The problem of finding a shortest tour for the vehicle to transport all objects from their initial vertices to their destination vertices is called the vehicle routing problem. The problem is multiple capacity if the vehicle can handle more than one objects at a time. The problem is preemptive if objects can be unloaded at the intermediate vertices. In this paper, we present an O(kn + n2) time algorithms for multiple capacity preemptive vehicle routing problem on paths, where k is the number of objects to be moved and n is the number of vertices in the path. Keywords. Vehicle routing, motion planning, graph algorithms. AMS Subject Classification: 05C85, 05C90, 68Q25. i
D. J. Guan, Xuding Zhu
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Type Journal
Year 1998
Authors D. J. Guan, Xuding Zhu
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