Multiple image view synthesis for free viewpoint video applications

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Multiple image view synthesis for free viewpoint video applications
Interactive audio-visual (AV) applications such as Free Viewpoint Video (FVV) aim to enable unrestricted spatio-temporal navigation within multiple camera environments. Current virtual viewpoint view synthesis solutions for FVV are either purely imagebased implying large information redundancy; or involve reconstructing complex 3D models of the scene. In this paper we present a new multiple image view synthesis algorithm that only requires camera parameters and disparity maps. The Multi-View Synthesis (MVS) approach can be used in any multi-camera environment and is scalable as virtual views can be created given 1 to N of the available video inputs, providing a means to gracefully handle scenarios where camera inputs decrease or increase over time. The algorithm identifies and selects only the best quality surface areas from available reference images, thereby reducing perceptual errors in virtual view reconstruction. Experimental results are presented and verified using both objectiv...
Eddie Cooke, Noel E. O'Connor
Added 23 Oct 2009
Updated 27 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ICIP
Authors Eddie Cooke, Noel E. O'Connor
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