Multiple-View Self-Maintenance in Data Warehousing Environments

10 years 2 months ago
Multiple-View Self-Maintenance in Data Warehousing Environments
A data warehouse materializes views derived from data that may not reside at the warehouse. Maintaining these views e ciently in response to base updates is di cult, since it may involve querying external sources where the base data reside. This paper considers the problem of view self-maintenance, where the views are maintained without using all the base data. Without full use of the base data, however, maintaining a view unambiguously is not always possible. Thus, the two critical questions that must be addressed are to determine, in a given situation, whether a view is maintainable, and how to maintain it. We providealgorithmsthat answerthese questions for a general class of views, and for an important subclass, generateSQL queries that test whether a view is self-maintainable and update the view if it is. We improve signi cantly on previous work by solving the view self-maintenance problem in the presence of multiple views, with optional access to a subset of the base data, and un...
Nam Huyn
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Year 1997
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Authors Nam Huyn
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