Multiresolution Amalgamation: Dynamic Spatial Data Cube Generation

9 years 5 months ago
Multiresolution Amalgamation: Dynamic Spatial Data Cube Generation
Aggregating spatial objects is a necessary step in generating spatial data cubes to support roll-up/drill-down operations. Current approaches face performance bottleneck issues when attempting to dynamically aggregate geometries for a large set of spatial data. We observe that changing the resolution of a region is reflective of the fact that the precision of spatial data can be changed to certain extent without compromising its usefulness. Moreover most spatial datasets are stored at much higher resolutions than are necessary for some applications. The existing approaches, which aggregate objects at a base resolution, often results in a processing bottleneck due to extraneous I/O. In this paper, we develop a new aggregation methodology that can significantly reduce retrieval (I/O) costs and improve overall performance by utilising multiresolution data storage and retrieval techniques. Topological inconsistencies that may arise during resolution change, which are not handled by curren...
Sham Prasher, Xiaofang Zhou
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ADC
Authors Sham Prasher, Xiaofang Zhou
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