Multispectral Image Fusion Using Local Mapping Techniques

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Multispectral Image Fusion Using Local Mapping Techniques
In this paper, fusion of multispectral images for visualization is aimed at, based on the projection of the scatterdiagrams onto a one-dimensional space. Linear as well as nonlinear projection techniques are used. In contrast with existing mapping techniques which work globally, a local mapping technique is constructed. In this technique, the images are subdivided into blocks, where each block of pixels is visualized through a different map. Then, for each pixel, a locally adapted map is created by weightingthe maps of the surrounding blocks using a Euclidean distance measure. A linear local mapping, based on local PCA and a nonlinear local mapping, based on Kohonen’s SOM map are generated and compared to the global procedures. Experiments are conducted on multispectral LANDSAT imagery.
Paul Scheunders
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Type Conference
Year 2000
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Authors Paul Scheunders
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