Music thumbnailing via structural analysis

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Music thumbnailing via structural analysis
Music thumbnailing (or music summarization) aims at finding the most representative part of a song, which can be used for web browsing, web searching and music recommendation. Three strategies are proposed in this paper for automatically generating the thumbnails of music. All the strategies are based on the results of music structural analysis, which identifies the recurrent structure of musical signals. Instead of being evaluated subjectively, the generated thumbnails are evaluated by several criteria, mainly based on previous human experiments on music thumbnailing and the properties of thumbnails used for commercial web sites. Additionally, the performance of the structural analysis is demonstrated visually using figures for qualitative evaluation, and by three novel structural similarity metrics for quantitative evaluation. The preliminary results obtained using a corpus of Beatles’ songs demonstrate the promise of our method and suggest that different thumbnailing strategies m...
Wei Chai, Barry Vercoe
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where MM
Authors Wei Chai, Barry Vercoe
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