Name pronunciation in German text-to-speech synthesis

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Name pronunciation in German text-to-speech synthesis
We describe the name analysis and pronunciation component in the German version of the Bell Labs multilingual text-tospeech system. We concentrate on street names because they encompass interesting aspects of geographical and personal names. The system was implemented in the framework of finite-state transducer technology, using linguistic criteria as well as frequency distributions derived from a database. In evaluation experiments, we compared the performances of the generalpurpose text analysis and the name-specific system on training and test materials. The name-specific system significantly outperforms the generic system. The error rates compare favorably with results reported in the research literature. Finally, we discuss areas for future work.
Stefanie Jannedy, Bernd Möbius
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Updated 01 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where ANLP
Authors Stefanie Jannedy, Bernd Möbius
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