Nazca: A Geographic Location Service

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Nazca: A Geographic Location Service
With the great expansion of advanced wireless technologies, users can now conveniently access the Internet from almost anywhere. We consider geographic information to be an important metric for supporting people’s daily lives because it has a strong relationship with their activities in the real world. In this paper we propose a database system for providing a geographic location service using the Internet. It processes the geographic information obtained from users via HTTP access. Since we have designed the system as a simple Web-based service, users can access the information easily. Our proposal contributes to creating geographic-oriented applications. We also introduce two demonstration systems using our database system.
Mio Suzuki, Teruaki Yokoyama, Takuji Iimura, Shige
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Mio Suzuki, Teruaki Yokoyama, Takuji Iimura, Shigeru Kashihara, Takeshi Okuda, Suguru Yamaguchi
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