Network anomaly detection with incomplete audit data

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Network anomaly detection with incomplete audit data
With the ever increasing deployment and usage of gigabit networks, traditional network anomaly detection based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) have not scaled accordingly. Most, if not all, intrusion detection systems (IDS) assume the availability of complete and clean audit data. We contend that this assumption is not valid. Factors like noise, mobility of the nodes and the large amount of network traffic make it difficult to build a traffic profile of the network that is complete and immaculate for the purpose of anomaly detection. In this paper, we attempt to address these issues by presenting an anomaly detection scheme, called SCAN (Stochastic Clustering Algorithm for Network anomaly detection), that has the capability to detect intrusions with high accuracy even with incomplete audit data. To address the threats posed by network-based denial-of-service attacks in high speed networks, SCAN consists of two modules: an anomaly detection module that is at the core of the desig...
Animesh Patcha, Jung-Min Park
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where CN
Authors Animesh Patcha, Jung-Min Park
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