Network Coding for Computing: Cut-Set Bounds

9 years 8 months ago
Network Coding for Computing: Cut-Set Bounds
Abstract—The following network computing problem is considered. Source nodes in a directed acyclic network generate independent messages and a single receiver node computes a target function f of the messages. The objective is to maximize the average number of times f can be computed per network usage, i.e., the “computing capacity”. The network coding problem for a single-receiver network is a special case of the network computing problem in which all of the source messages must be reproduced at the receiver. For network coding with a single receiver, routing is known to achieve the capacity by achieving the network min-cut upper bound. We extend the definition of min-cut to the network computing problem and show that the min-cut is still an upper bound on the maximum achievable rate and is tight for computing (using coding) any target function in multi-edge tree networks. It is also tight for computing linear target functions in any network. We also study the bound’s tightne...
Rathinakumar Appuswamy, Massimo Franceschetti, Nik
Added 15 May 2011
Updated 15 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where TIT
Authors Rathinakumar Appuswamy, Massimo Franceschetti, Nikhil Karamchandani, Kenneth Zeger
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