Network Kriging

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Network Kriging
ABSTRACT. Network service providers and customers are often concerned with aggregate performance measures that span multiple network paths. Unfortunately, forming such network-wide measures can be difficult, due to the issues of scale involved. In particular, the number of paths grows too rapidly with the number of endpoints to make exhaustive measurement practical. As a result, it is of interest to explore the feasibility of methods that dramatically reduce the number of paths measured in such situations while maintaining acceptable accuracy. We cast the problem as one of statistical prediction--in the spirit of the so-called `kriging' problem in spatial statistics--and show that end-to-end network properties may be accurately predicted in many cases using a surprisingly small set of carefully chosen paths. More precisely, we formulate a general framework for the prediction problem, propose a class of linear predictors for standard quantities of interest (e.g., averages, totals, ...
David B. Chua, Eric D. Kolaczyk, Mark Crovella
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where JSAC
Authors David B. Chua, Eric D. Kolaczyk, Mark Crovella
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