Network optimization for DHT-based applications

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Network optimization for DHT-based applications
—P2P platforms have been criticized because of the heavy strain that some P2P services can inflict on costly interdomain links of network operators. It is therefore necessary to develop network optimization schemes for controlling the load generated by a P2P platform on an operator network. Previous focus on network optimization has been mostly on centralized tracker-based systems. However, in recent years multiple DHT-based P2P networks are widely deployed due to their scalability and fault tolerance, and these networks have even been considered as platforms for commercial services. Thereby, finding network optimization for DHT-based P2P applications has potentially large practical impacts. In this paper, we present THash, a simple scheme to implement an effective distributed network optimization for DHT systems. THash is based on standard DHT put/get semantics and utilizes a triple hash method to guide the DHT clients sharing resources with peers in proper domains. We have implem...
Yi Sun, Yang Richard Yang, Xiaobing Zhang, Yang Gu
Added 28 Sep 2012
Updated 28 Sep 2012
Type Journal
Year 2012
Authors Yi Sun, Yang Richard Yang, Xiaobing Zhang, Yang Guo, Jun Li 0002, Kavé Salamatian
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