Neural networks for data mining: constrains and open problems

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Neural networks for data mining: constrains and open problems
When we talk about using neural networks for data mining we have in mind the original data mining scope and challenge. How did neural networks meet this challenge? Can we run neural networks on a dataset with gigabytes of data and millions of records? Can we provide explanations of discovered patterns? How useful that patterns are? How to distinguish useful, interesting patterns automatically? We aim to summarize here the state-of-the-art of the principles beyond using neural models in data mining. 1 What is special in data mining applications? Data mining (DM) is the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, interesting, and potentially useful information (usually in the form of knowledge patterns or models) from data. Historically data mining has grown from large business database applications, such as finding patterns in customer purchasing activities from transactions databases. Original DM problems were to adjust known methods such as decision trees and neural network...
Razvan Andonie, Boris Kovalerchuk
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Razvan Andonie, Boris Kovalerchuk
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