New Algorithms for Optimal Online Checkpointing

12 years 4 months ago
New Algorithms for Optimal Online Checkpointing
Frequently, the computation of derivatives for optimizing time-dependent problems is based on the integration of the adjoint differential equation. For this purpose, the knowledge of the complete forward solution may be required. Similar information is needed in the context of a posteriori error estimation with respect to a given functional. In the area of flow control, especially for three dimensional problems, it is usually impossible to keep track of the full forward solution due to the lack of storage capacities. Further, for many problems, adaptive time-stepping procedures are needed toward efficient integration schemes in time. Therefore, standard optimal offline checkpointing strategies are usually not well suited in that framework. In this paper we present two algorithms for an online checkpointing procedure that determines the checkpoint distribution on the fly. We prove that these approaches yield checkpointing distributions that are either optimal or almost optimal with o...
Philipp Stumm, Andrea Walther
Added 30 Jan 2011
Updated 30 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Philipp Stumm, Andrea Walther
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