A New Component Concept for Fault Trees

8 years 5 months ago
A New Component Concept for Fault Trees
The decomposition of complex systems into manageable parts is an essential principle when dealing with complex technical systems. However, many safety and reliability modelling techniques do not support hierarchical decomposition in the desired way. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) offers decomposition into modules, a breakdown with regard to the hierarchy of failure influences rather than to the system architecture. In this paper we propose a compositional extension of the FTA technique. Each technical component is represented by an extended Fault Tree. Besides the internal basic events and gates, each component can have input and output ports. By connecting these ports, components can be integrated into a higher-level system model. All components can be developed independently and stored in separate files or component libraries. Mathematically, each Component Fault Tree represents a logical function from its input ports and internal events to its output ports. As in traditional FTA, both q...
Bernhard Kaiser, Peter Liggesmeyer, Oliver Mä
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where SCS
Authors Bernhard Kaiser, Peter Liggesmeyer, Oliver Mäckel
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