A New Fingerprinting Method For Digital Images

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A New Fingerprinting Method For Digital Images
The wide use of digital media during the past few years, has led to an increase of digital piracy and tampering. To deal with these problems, the concept of watermarking has been introduced. The image is being altered and depending on the method used, these alterations can be from very slight to quite noticeable. We propose here a new scheme that identifies image tampering without altering the original image. To achieve that, we extract some unique information from the image that we use for authentication.
V.Fotopoulos and A.N.Skodras
Added 09 Mar 2010
Updated 09 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where 1st IEEE Balkan Conference on Signal Processing Communications, Circuits and Systems
Authors V.Fotopoulos and A.N.Skodras
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