A new role for anthropology?: rewriting "context" and "analysis" in HCI research

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A new role for anthropology?: rewriting "context" and "analysis" in HCI research
In this paper we want to reconsider the role anthropology (both its theory and methods) can play within HCI research. One of the areas anthropologists can contribute to here is to rethink the notion of social context where technology is used. Context is usually equated with the immediate activities such as work tasks, when and by whom the task is performed. This tends to under represent some fundamental aspects of social life, like culture and history. In this paper, we want to open up a discussion about what context means in HCI and to emphasize socio-structural and historical aspects of the term. We will suggest a more inclusive analytic way that able the HCI community to make “better” sense of use situation. An example of technology use in a workplace will be given to demonstrate the yields this kind of theoretical framework can bring into HCI. Author Keywords Anthropology, context of use, ethnography, socio-cultural, socio-structural.
Minna Räsänen, James M. Nyce
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Minna Räsänen, James M. Nyce
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