A new traffic control algorithm for ABR service

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A new traffic control algorithm for ABR service
The paper describes an original approach for the ABR service in the ATM network. It belongs to the explicite rate (ER) class and assumes that the ER parameter corresponds to the instant queue size. More specifically, the ER value calculated by the switch is proportional to the difference between predefined threshold and the actual state of the queue. Therefore, the algorithm can be regarded as the one based on a proportional control scheme. The effectiveness of the proposed approach was verified by simulation and chosen exemplary numerical results referring to transient behaviour, queue occupancy, throughput of the connection as well as to the fairness are included.
A. Bak, Wojciech Burakowski
Added 06 Aug 2010
Updated 06 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1998
Where IFIP
Authors A. Bak, Wojciech Burakowski
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