New-web search with microblog annotations

12 years 8 months ago
New-web search with microblog annotations
Web search engines discover indexable documents by recursively ‘crawling’ from a seed URL. Their rankings take into account link popularity. While this works well, it introduces biases towards older documents. Older documents are more likely to be the target of links, while new documents with few, or no, incoming links are unlikely to rank highly in search results. We describe a novel system for ‘new-Web’ search based on links retrieved from the Twitter micro-blogging service. The Twitter service allows individuals, organisations and governments to rapidly disseminate very short messages to a wide variety of interested parties. When a Twitter message contains a URL, we use the Twitter message as a description of the URL’s target. As Twitter is frequently used for discussion of current events, these messages offer useful, upto-date annotations and instantaneous popularity readings for a small, but timely, portion of the Web. Our working system is simple and fast and we belie...
Tom Rowlands, David Hawking, Ramesh Sankaranarayan
Added 18 May 2010
Updated 18 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where WWW
Authors Tom Rowlands, David Hawking, Ramesh Sankaranarayana
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