Next Century Challenges: RadioActive Networks

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Next Century Challenges: RadioActive Networks
A key challenge facing wireless networking is to utilize the spectrum as e ciently as possible given current channel conditions and in the most e ective way for each application. This is di cult to achieve with existing wireless devices because physical layer functionality is xed, while channel conditions and applications can change rapidly. Instead, we argue that RadioActive networks, an adaptable wireless network architecture which draws on the strengths of software radios and active networks, are needed to meet this challenge. Active networks provide a framework for programming network services, and software radios extend this programmability into the physical layer. We believe that this approach will o er signi cant improvements in functionality and performance over today's wireless networks because it is no longer necessary to design a priori with pessimistic assumptions that describe worst case conditions. In this paper, we outline our vision, the opportunities it a ords, a...
Vanu G. Bose, David Wetherall, John V. Guttag
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Vanu G. Bose, David Wetherall, John V. Guttag
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