The Next Generation Software Workshop - IPDPS'07

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The Next Generation Software Workshop - IPDPS'07
This workshop provides a forum for an overview, project presentations, and discussion of the research fostered and funded initially by the NSF Next Generation Software (NGS) Program, and more recently through the Advanced Execution Systems (AES) and the Systems Modeling and Analysis (SMA) components of the follow-up Computer Systems Research (CSR) Program1 . The present workshop is part of the series of the Next Generation Software Workshops that have been conducted since 2001, on a yearly basis and in conjunction with IPDPS. The topics addressed in the workshop are on research in systems’ software technology in the scope of NGS and of the AES and the SMA components, namely: methods for systems modeling and analysis, performance engineering, dependability, fault tolerance, and powermanagement, programming environments, enhanced compiler capabilities, tools for the development, dynamic runtime support and dynamic composition of complex applications executing on heterogeneous, paralle...
Frederica Darema
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where IPPS
Authors Frederica Darema
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