NFS-CD: Write-Enabled Cooperative Caching in NFS

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NFS-CD: Write-Enabled Cooperative Caching in NFS
We present the Network File System with Cluster Delegation (NFS-CD), an enhancement to the NFSv4 that reduces server load and increases the scalability of distributed file systems in computing clusters. The cluster delegation feature of NFS-CD allows data sharing among clients by extending the NFSv4 delegation model so that multiple clients manage a single file without interacting with the server. Based on cluster delegation, we implement a fast-commit primitive, cooperative caching, and the ability to recover the uncommitted updates of a failed computer. NFS-CD supports both read and write operations in the cooperative cache without degrading the consistency model of NFSv4. We have implemented NFS-CD by modifying the Linux NFSv4 client only. Because the server remains unchanged, NFS-CD preserves the simple administration model of NFSv4 and interoperates with standard NFS clients. NFS-CD offers improved performance when compared to NFSv4 at the expense of slightly weaker reliability gu...
Alexandros Batsakis, Randal C. Burns
Added 15 Dec 2010
Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where TPDS
Authors Alexandros Batsakis, Randal C. Burns
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