A Node Identity Internetworking Architecture

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A Node Identity Internetworking Architecture
— The Internet consists of independent networks that belong to different administrative domains and vary in scope from personal area networks, private home networks, corporate networks to ISP and global operator networks. These networks may employ different technologies, communications mediums, addressing realms and may have widely different capabilities. The coming years will add a significant level of dynamic behavior, such as mobile nodes and moving networks, which the Internet must support. At the same time, there is a need to address the increasing levels of harmful traffic and denial-of-service attacks. The existing Internet architecture does not support dynamic behavior or secure communication to a sufficient degree. This paper outlines a node-identity-based internetworking architecture that allows heterogeneous networks to work together without loss of functionality. Some of techniques employed in this architecture include reliance on cryptographic node identifiers, identity ...
Bengt Ahlgren, Jari Arkko, Lars Eggert, Jarno Raja
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Bengt Ahlgren, Jari Arkko, Lars Eggert, Jarno Rajahalme
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