Non-Exposure Location Anonymity

12 years 1 months ago
Non-Exposure Location Anonymity
Location cloaking has been proposed and well studied to protect user privacy. It blurs the accurate user location (i.e., a point with coordinates) and replaces it with a well-shaped cloaked region (usually a circle or a rectangle). However, to obtain such a cloaked region, all existing cloaking algorithms require to know the accurate locations of all users. Since such information is exactly what the user wants to hide, these algorithms can work only if all parties involved in the cloaking process are trusted. However, in practice this assumption rarely holds as any of these parties could be malicious. Therefore, location cloaking without exposing the accurate user location to any party is urgently needed. In this paper, we present such a non-exposure cloaking algorithm. It is designed for kanonymity and cloaking is performed based on the proximity information among mobile users, instead of directly on their coordinates. We decompose the problem into two subproblems -- proximity minimum...
Haibo Hu, Jianliang Xu
Added 20 Oct 2009
Updated 20 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ICDE
Authors Haibo Hu, Jianliang Xu
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