Non-Preemptive Buffer Management for Latency Sensitive Packets

8 years 1 months ago
Non-Preemptive Buffer Management for Latency Sensitive Packets
—The delivery of latency sensitive packets is a crucial issue in real time applications of communication networks. Such packets often have a firm deadline and a packet becomes useless if it arrives after its deadline. The deadline, however, applies only to the packet’s journey through the entire network; individual routers along the packet’s route face a more flexible deadline. We consider policies for admitting latency sensitive packets at a router. Each packet is tagged with a value and a packet waiting at a router loses value over time as its probability of arriving at its destination decreases. The router is modeled as a nonpreemptive queue, and its objective is to maximize the total value of the forwarded packets. When a router receives a packet, it must either accept it (and possibly delay future packets), or reject it immediately. The best policy depends on the set of values that a packet can take. We consider three natural settings: unrestricted model, real-valued model...
Moran Feldman, Joseph Naor
Added 28 Jan 2011
Updated 28 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Moran Feldman, Joseph Naor
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