A non-replication multicasting scheme in delay tolerant networks

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A non-replication multicasting scheme in delay tolerant networks
Delay tolerant networks (DTNs) are a special type of wireless mobile networks which may lack continuous network connectivity. Multicast is an important routing function that supports the distribution of data to a group of users, a service needed for many potential DTNs applications. While multicasting in the Internet and mobile ad hoc networks has been studied extensively, efficient multicasting in DTNs is a considerably different and challenging problem due to the probabilistic nature of contact among nodes. This paper aims to provide a non-replication multicasting scheme in DTNs while keeping the forwarding times low. The address of each destination is not replicated, but is assigned to a particular node based on its contact probability level and node active level. Our scheme is based on a dynamic multicast tree where each leaf node corresponds to a destination. Each tree branch is generated at a contact based on the comparesplit rule proposed in this paper. The compare part determin...
Jie Wu, Yunsheng Wang
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Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Jie Wu, Yunsheng Wang
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