Non-rigid Image Registration Using Graph-cuts

11 years 5 months ago
Non-rigid Image Registration Using Graph-cuts
Non-rigid image registration is an ill-posed yet challenging problem due to its supernormal high degree of freedoms and inherent requirement of smoothness. Graph-cuts method is a powerful combinatorial optimization tool which has been successfully applied into image segmentation and stereo matching. Under some specific constraints, graph-cuts method yields either a global minimum or a local minimum in a strong sense. Thus, it is interesting to see the effects of using graph-cuts in nonrigid image registration. In this paper, we formulate non-rigid image registration as a discrete labeling problem. Each pixel in the source image is assigned a displacement label (which is a vector) indicating which position in the floating image it is spatially corresponding to. A smoothness constraint based on first derivative is used to penalize sharp changes in displacement labels across pixels. The whole system can be optimized by using the graph-cuts method via alpha-expansions. We compare 2D and 3D...
Tommy W. H. Tang, Albert C. S. Chung
Added 14 Nov 2009
Updated 14 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Tommy W. H. Tang, Albert C. S. Chung
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