Normal Form on Linear Tree-to-Word Transducers

3 years 17 days ago
Normal Form on Linear Tree-to-Word Transducers
Abstract. We study a subclass of tree-to-word transducers: linear treeto-word transducers, that cannot use several copies of the input. We aim to study the equivalence problem on this class, by using minimization and normalization techniques. We identify a Myhill-Nerode characterization. It provides a minimal normal form on our class, computable in Exptime. This paper extends an already existing result on tree-to-word transducers without copy or reordering (sequential tree-to-word transducers), by accounting for all the possible reorderings in the output.
Adrien Boiret
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Updated 07 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
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Authors Adrien Boiret
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