A Note on the Discrete Binary Mumford-Shah Model

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A Note on the Discrete Binary Mumford-Shah Model
Abstract. This paper is concerned itself with the analysis of the twophase Mumford-Shah model also known as the active contour without edges model introduced by Chan and Vese. It consists of approximating an observed image by a piecewise constant image which can take only two values. First we show that this model with the L1 -norm as data fidelity yields a contrast invariant filter which is a well known property of morphological filters. Then we consider a discrete version of the original problem. We show that an inclusion property holds for the minimizers. The latter is used to design an efficient graph-cut based algorithm which computes an exact minimizer. Some preliminary results are presented.
Jérôme Darbon
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Jérôme Darbon
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