Note on parallel universes

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Note on parallel universes
The parallel universes idea is an attempt to integrate several aspects of learning which share some common aspects. This is an interesting idea: if successful, insights could cross-fertilise, leading to advances in each area. The ‘multi-view’ perspective seems to us to have particular potential. We have investigated several aspects of this, including the following: 1 Adverse drug reactions One of the difficulties in detecting adverse drug reactions is that there is often no well-defined baseline against which to run a statistical test to see if the number of events is unexpectedly large. Because of this, almost by default, it is common to adopt an independence model, which assumes that the drugs and reactions are independent. This very simply model is all very well, but fails to take account of information containing in the parallel universe describing taxonomies, similarities between, and relationships between drugs, and the similar parallel universe for side effects. We explore...
Niall M. Adams, David J. Hand
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Niall M. Adams, David J. Hand
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