A Notion of Glue Expressiveness for Component-Based Systems

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A Notion of Glue Expressiveness for Component-Based Systems
Abstract. Comparison between different formalisms and models is often by flattening structure and reducing them to behaviorally equivalent models e.g., automaton and Turing machine. This leads to a notion of expressiveness which is not adequate for component-based systems where separation between behavior and coordination mechanisms is essential. The paper proposes a notion of glue expressiveness for component-based frameworks characterizing their ability to coordinate components. Glue is a closed under composition set of operators mapping tuples of behavior into behavior. Glue operators preserve behavioral equivalence. They only restrict the behavior of their arguments by performing memoryless coordination. Behavioral equivalence induces an equivalence on glue operators. We compare expressiveness of two glues G1 and G2 by considering whether glue operators of G1 have equivalent ones in G2 (strong expressiveness). Weak expressiveness is defined by allowing a finite number of additional...
Simon Bliudze, Joseph Sifakis
Added 18 Oct 2010
Updated 18 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Simon Bliudze, Joseph Sifakis
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