A novel cache architecture with enhanced performance and security

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A novel cache architecture with enhanced performance and security
—Caches ideally should have low miss rates and short access times, and should be power efficient at the same time. Such design goals are often contradictory in practice. Recent findings on efficient attacks based on information leakage in caches have also brought the security issue up front. Design for security introduces even more restrictions and typically leads to significant performance degradation. This paper presents a novel cache architecture that can simultaneously achieve the above goals. Specifically, cache miss rates are reduced with dynamic remapping and longer cache indices, access-time overhead overcome with astute low-level circuit design, and information leakage thwarted by a security-aware cache replacement algorithm together with the performance enhancing mechanisms. We present both theoretical analysis and experimental results, using the SPEC2000 suite to evaluate the cache miss behavior, and CACTI and HSPICE to validate the circuit design. Our results show that th...
Zhenghong Wang, Ruby B. Lee
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Zhenghong Wang, Ruby B. Lee
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