Object-Oriented Design of Real-Time Telecom Systems

9 years 5 months ago
Object-Oriented Design of Real-Time Telecom Systems
Many engineers are still reluctant to adopt advanced object-oriented technologies (such as high modularity, dynamic binding, automatic garbage collection, etc.) for embedded systems with real-time constraints, because of their supposed inefficiency. We set ourselves into the context of building telecommunication systems with a standard object-oriented analysis and design approach. We describe how we use relevant design patterns, followed with an implementation in a pure object-oriented language (Eiffel) to conciliate the needed efficiency with the benefits of the object-oriented approach --flexibility, dynamic configurability, maintenability, portability, etc. We discuss a case study based on the implementation of SMDS (Switched Multi-megabits Data Service) servers featuring high-throughput and low-delay transmissions and respecting the real-time constraints of SMDS. Keywords Real-time, Telecommunications, SMDS, OO Analysis and Design, Design Patterns, Eiffel
Jean-Marc Jézéquel
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Jean-Marc Jézéquel
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